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Dendritic Glasses II & III

Saturday, July 7th, 2007

The dendritic process slows down as the dendrite grows, occupying more fractal space and requiring more current.

Dendritic Glass I (Cu, CuSO4) is still growing (when fed current) since my previous post.

s1c-14.JPG close4c.JPG

Underneath the glass..

Dendritic Glass II – Iron and Ferrous Sulphate Solution, and Dendritic Glass III – Al, CU, Fe + MPG have been created and are in the process of growth and time-lapse recording:

dsc00768.JPG dsc00776.JPG

Dendritic Glass III – Al, Cu, Fe + mixed salts (inspired by Electrochemical Glass)


diii01-1.JPG ..+3hrs.. diii01-7.JPG